Friday , April 16 2021



About Daily Market Action

Launched in 2012,, the free research website from LMI Pvt Ltd, is one of the world’s growing sources for analysis on the currency, commodity and index trading community.

We’re group of Professional Traders & Authors who considered and investigated on unique Price Action and many strategies. We developed many systems on forex trading and taught 5,000+ students since 2013 world wide. We participated in many contests and recorded 400% above in span of less than 8 months. Contact us


Daily Market Action researchers report every day / week on the latest changes in the currency market, providing technical analysis of promising chart formations with live currency quotes.

Technical Analysis

We identify major trends and trading opportunities. These includes daily / weekly charts highlighting important.


Our daily trading routine, Eyes on Price Action, discipline we maintain, our order timings will brief here.

Free Signals

We provide quality trade signals (Not every day) depend on market condition. We don’t charge any fee for this.

Trade Setups

Our experts will share their ideas on weekly market ideas. Our research team will help you on market analysis.