Thursday , April 15 2021


Our Preferred Chart

Open Practice Account (MT4) and download our preferred Chart for Analysis. We use NY Closed Chart for better analysis.

Our Custom Daily Pivot Levels

You may get Pivot Level MT4 indicator in other web sites, but our experts investigated and created custom Pivot Point indicator for our members.

(Accuracy on JPY pairs)

Support and Resistance Indicator

If you difficult to find and draw Resistance and Support levels, this indicator helps you. We not recommend to completely depend on this indicator, but for some confirmation, it helps.

Our custom RSI and MACD Colored Indicator

To find out trend RSI and MACD will support you to enter in the market. We not recommend to depend completely on this indicator but for confirmation of trend these are help full. Our experts will not use any indicators to analyze the market.

Our custom SWING Indicator

If you're a Intra-day trader, this swing indicator will help you to find out the positions to enter. Our experts will not encourage for Intra-day trading for beginners.